GATTEFIN / GATTEFIN – active member of GIFAS

As an industrial partner of many leading names in the aviation industry, Gattefin also plays an active role in the French aerospace industries association (GIFAS).
The federation in its current incarnation dates back to 1975, and today numbers 353 member companies ranging from major contractors and systems manufacturers to SMEs that provide specialist research, development, production, sales and maintenance services for programmes and equipment across the aerospace industry.
GIFAS represents members’ interests in the fields of civil and military aircraft and helicopters, engines, missiles and arms, UAVs, satellites and space launchers, defence and safety avionics, hardware, subassemblies and related software.
Gattefin is a fully active member of the AERO-PME committee, which addresses issues affecting SMEs in the aviation industry. GIFAS acts on behalf of the entire French aerospace industry, and intervenes in France and abroad in a number of different areas, including:

  • As an industry delegate in dealings with public and private authorities at national, European and international level;
  • Coordinating industrial and sales operations;
  • Harmonising technical procedures.

GIFAS is a constant source of dialogue and progress for Gattefin.

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