100 Specialists
5 Test mechanics
10 Machine setters
2 Paint technicians
8 Fitters
2 Programmers
2 Supervisors
4 Toolmaking mechanics
2 Design and engineering technicians
6 Production planning technicians
2 Large-scale production
2 Sales
1 Receptionist
1 Payroll/accounts manager
3 Purchasers

Dominique Gattefin Président
“Not even the finest machines, 
are good enough without good people to work them.
the people that take the company forwards.”
Dominique GATTEFIN
Managing Director


SAS Gattefin has been at its customers’ sides since 1977 – the years and the projects we have worked on together have established the trust on which our relationships are built.

For Gattefin is more than a supplier; we guide our customers through the entire manufacturing process to create high-performance products they can trust. A dedicated point of contact is allocated to each customer in order to ensure superlative order management.

This tailored support towards a shared goal is the basis of the long-lasting partnerships that SAS Gattefin, its customers and suppliers enjoy, and which have driven them forwards together, creating new products that push back performance boundaries, and taking us into new markets.


SAS Gattefin is and intends to remain a family company – and so safeguard its independent status.

From the day our family company was founded, we have always believed in putting people at the heart of our production processes. For without people, a company cannot survive.
Every Gattefin employee is fully qualified in the most advanced production techniques. Gattefin products are not made by machines; Gattefin products are made by the men who work the machines.

Our workforce of 100 employees ensures that the company retains its human character. And this setup gives us significant resources to invest in new-tech tooling and staff training, while remaining flexible enough to guarantee performance-busting lead times

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201, avenue Raoul Aladenize – 18500 MEHUN SUR YÈVRE – FRANCE
Tél. : (33) 02 48 57 46 92